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Dealing with CD and DVD Companies

Getting a Quote for CD/DVD Replication and Duplication

A good company will be able to quote you very quickly. This is your first indication of their speed and efficiency. They should have a page on their website where you can get an instant quote, or at least an email address or phone line dedicated to giving out quotes. If they don’t, it may be that they are having to pull people off existing jobs to work out your quote for you (you don’t want them to pull people off your job to give out quotes to other people!). The only exception is if you are ordering very large quantities (10,000 units or more), when they may take a while to work out the best price for you. Visit as many websites of companies as possible to get an idea of their quote-giving efficiency.

Sorting out Copyright Issues for CD and DVD Replication and Duplication

CD and DVD Replication/Duplication companies have to be very careful about the material they accept for duplication or replication. This is because they may be held responsible if the material turns out to be unlicensed or for fraudulent purposes. All reputable companies will ask you to fill out an IRMA form (International Recordable Media Association), declaring that you either own the copyright or are licensed to duplicate or replicate the CDs or DVDs. For audio CDs, you will need to get in touch with the MCPS (Mechanical Copyright Protection Society) in the UK or the appropriate body in any other country. They will issue a license or a certificate of ‘no claim’. Your CD/DVD Replication/Duplication company will not deliver the goods until they have received this certification. The process can take a couple of weeks so start it early to avoid delays.

Ordering your CD/DVD Duplication or Replication job

Your chosen CD/DVD company will have an order form you can use to make your order. You will often be expected to pay for the job up front, so make sure you are happy with the level of professionalism and help you get from the company before you order. A good company will help you out with any questions you might have, no matter how stupid the question may appear to be.

What happens next in the CD/DVD Duplication or Replication Process?

Once you have sent your order, cheque, artwork and master disc, the artwork department will make a PDF proof for you to approve. They will not normally offer a physical proof unless it is requested (and this will cost you extra). Make sure you print the PDF out onto paper, as the colours sometimes appear differently when you print them out than when you view them on your computer monitor. This is because different monitors have different colour, brightness, contrast, gamma settings etc and they use RGB colours (a mix of Red, Green and Blue) whereas print colours are in CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Once you have approved the artwork, there is no turning back. The printing and duplication/replication will begin and you’ll receive your materials back anything from a few days to a few weeks later, depending on the process involved and the number of copies ordered. Replication jobs are often done in Germany, where manufacturing methods are cheaper, more efficient and more reliable.