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Glass Mastering for CD and DVD Replication

What is Glass Mastering?

Glass mastering is the first stage in the CD and DVD replication process. As CD and DVD replication involves ‘pressing’ the data into the discs, an aluminium ‘stamper’ must be made to do this. The aluminium stamper is made from a glass master. The glass master is a glass CD or DVD disc made from a ‘pre master’. The ‘pre-master’ could be a CD-R, DVD-R, Exabyte cartridge – this is the material that comes out of the mastering studio or post-production suite.

How much does Glass Mastering cost?

Glass mastering is quite expensive. It is the main set-up cost in the CD and DVD replication process, along with setting up the printing of the CDs, DVDs and paper parts. Typically, it can cost in the region of £100-£200 for CDs, £130-£230 for DVD5 discs and £150-£250 for DVD9 discs. You will find manufacturers and brokers who will offer it for free.

The good news is, once you have done glass mastering for a project once, you will not need to do it again if you stay with the same CD/DVD replication company.