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CD Duplication

What is CD Duplication?

CD duplication is the process of ‘burning’ copies of a CD master onto blank CD-Rs, like on a computer with a CD burner. The results of CD duplication vary depending on the quality of the CD burner and of the CD-R media. CD duplication companies can do the job for you. They usually do it quicker and cheaper than if you do it yourself and offer printing onto the CD surface.

When is CD Duplication used?

CD duplication is the manufacturing process used to produce 1 to 499 copies of a CD. CD duplication is used for these smaller quantities because the high set-up costs of CD replication make it uneconomical. CD duplication set-up costs are low, as all that is required for CD duplication is a blank CD-R and a CD burner.

What CD Duplication Gets You

CD duplication gives you simple duplicates of your master CD that will play on most CD players and computers. The CD can be printed on the label side and will be nearly silver on the data side if the best CD-R blank media are chosen (otherwise the data side will be coloured green or blue). Beware of CD-R media that are totally silver on the data side (rather than having a slight green tint), as the manufacturing process for these types of CD-R is more harmful to the environment.

CD Duplication Equipment

CD duplication equipment includes a CD burner/duplicator and CD printer. Other CD duplication equipment includes CD laminators and automated packaging machines. Automated CD duplication machines and automated CD printers from brands such as Rimage, Stordigital, MicroBoards and Primera can be purchased as well as CD duplication towers. A CD duplication tower is a good option because of value for money.

CD Duplication Media

CD duplication relies on good quality CD-R blank media to produce good results. Reliable CD-R brands include HHB, Tayo Yuden, Sony and Ritek. If you decide to do CD duplication yourself, it is important to choose the correct printable CD surface type. Using the wrong surface for your CD printer can produce undesirable results and undermine your CD duplication project.